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Shell and Isocure for Core MakingCore Making

Kore Mart has a wide variety of high production PLC controlled core machines. We are able to use wood, urethane, and metal tooling. Kore Mart has no required minimum quantity, and no set up charge. We offer fast lead times, sampling, and prototyping.

Foundry Cores made by Kore Mart:

  • Shell cores made with Kure Rite Resin Coated Sand
  • Warmbox cores
  • Coldbox cores
  • Sodium Silicate cores
  • Furan No Bake cores
  • Phenolic Urethane No Bake cores
  • Oil cores

Each core is made with high quality sand and resin. The sand fineness, process used, and resin percentage is thoroughly thought out taking into consideration the cusomters tooling, the metal being poured, the size of the casting, the surface finish and permeability required, and the travel distance to the customer. Kore Mart can store your core tooling making room for you own storage needs at your foundry. Every core is carefully packaged and insulated to ensure safe delivery.