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Foundry Parting Agents

EZ Slip: EZ Slip is a petroleum based liquid parting agent used in greensand for both manual and automatic molding. EZ Slip is long lasting and has excellent non-wetting properties. Foundries are able to spray three times less often compared to other conventional parting systems, which greatly reduces build up and operating costs. EZ Slip is packaged in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon tote tanks.

Non-Sil Dry Parting: Non-Sil Dry parting is a powder material used in greensand molding. The powder is a light weight non silica containing wax that is spread on patterns in both manual and automatic molding. Molders typically use a parting bag to apply the parting dust, which are also available from Kore Mart. Non-Sil Dry Parting is packaged in 400 lbs fiber drums.

Alumapart: Alumapart is a liquid parting used in no-bake, coldbox, sodium silicate, and oil sand molding and core making. Alumapart is fast drying and extremely non-wetting. Alumapart is a highly engineered system that works great, lasts a long time and can be easily applied. Alumapart is packaged in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

Sil-O-Par W: Sil-O-Par W is a heavy duty silicone mold release typically used in the shell core and shell molding process. Sil-O-Par W can be sprayed onto tooling and patterns offering easy and complete coverage. Sil-O-Par W is an engineered parting agent designed to have low VOCs and to reduce build up properties. Sil-O-Par W can be sold as a concentrate or be mixed for ready to go applications, and is packaged in one gallon cans and 5 gallon pails.


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