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Foundry Pasting & Adhesives

HOT TOP: Kore Mart manufactures several grades of hot top topping compound. Kore Mart’s hot top topping compound formulas are engineered for steel, iron, and non-ferrous foundries. Our extremely exothermic KMHT for steel is hotter than others out on the market. Use less and spend less when you decided to use Kore Mart’s Hot Top. Hot Top is packaged in 450 lbs fiber drums.

SKIMMERS: Kore Mart manufactures a vacuum formed fiber skimmer that is post impregnated for superior strength and durability. Our vacuum formed skimmers are used in copper, aluminum, brass and bronze, steel, and iron. Kore Mart skimmers come with or without a handle, and because our skimmers are vacuum formed they are light weight and user friendly. Kore Mart also has mild steel skimmers available upon request.

SLAG DONUTS: Kore Mart manufactures slag donuts, which rest inside the ladle and act as a slag dam duringpouring. As the metal is being poured out of the ladle the slag donut flows with the metal until it hits the spout. The slag donuts then acts as a dam by only allowing metal to flow from underneath the donut and the out the small area between the donut and the spout. Slag donuts reduce the use of slag coagulant and skimming, and they are made out of post impregnated vacuum formed fiber for superior strength and durability. Slag donuts are available in a range of sizes to fit your ladle diameter.

TAP HOLE CONES: Kore Mart manufactures a range of tap hole cones used in the smelting industry. Our tap hole cones are specially formulated to suit each customer’s requirements regarding fiber material used, strength, thickness, and density.

CONKOTE: Conkote is a ladle wash manufactured by Kore Mart. Conkote is a specially engineered coating used to protect your ladle lining. Conkote is fast drying, highly refractory, and used in all metals.

SLAG OFF: Slag off is Kore Mart’s slag coagulant. It is a refractory media with excellent slag bonding properties.

SANCON G: Sancon G is a greensand conditioner used to help with the surface chemistry of your system sand grains. Sancon G helps with bonding your clay to your sand; it reduces clay balls in your system, and helps with overall performance.

FOUNDRY TEST MOLDS: Kore Mart manufactures a range of industry standard test molds made out of shell sand, coldbox, vacuum formed fiber.


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