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Riser SleeveRiser Sleeves

Kore Mart manufactures a variety of riser sleeves to enable metal casters produce quality castings consistently and economically. We offer riser sleeves for steel, iron, and nonferrous foundries. We produce over ten different mixtures, which include both insulating and exothermic; each mix suited for a specific foundry and application. Each mixture is available in all of our shapes, which include straights, neck downs, blind risers, spheres, and domes.

Our tooling is suited for industry standard sizes in all riser sleeve shapes. We offer fiberglass screen placement, breaker cores in both 40% and 50% contact, post impregnation for extreme hardness, and custom height on straights and neck downs. Kore Mart’s riser sleeves are engineered to be used in all molding systems, and with all molding machines.