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Vacumm Formed RCF Shapes

Kore Mart services the boiler and stove industry by manufacturing vacuum formed fiber shapes used as insulation and target walls. Our capabilities provide the options needed to create a wide range of lightweight and high temperature resistant products. Kore Mart has the ability to provide vacuumed formed fiber shapes in refractory ceramic fiber (RCF), mineral wool, and Superwool´âó. Superwool is a state of the art low bio-persistent fiber used as a green alternative to RCF.

Kore Mart offers a number of different custom vacuum formed shapes. We currently supply the boiler industry with vacuum formed boiler chambers, side wall insulation, door insulation, target walls, and burner tubes. Tooling for our parts are made in house, and we offer quick turn around and prototyping on new work. Parts can be custom shaped and sanded. Our entire array of vacuum formed fiber shapes are shipped out ready for assembly.