Reclamation Service

Kore Mart is your dependable source for reclaimed sand. We're well-prepared to meet the growing demand for reclamation sand. We offer premium quality silica sand reclamation for our customers looking for an environmentally-friendly source of sand that can also lead to much-appreciated savings. As with other foundry materials we offer, quality is our first priority.

Go Green Without Sacrificing Quality

Reclamation is a process where we recondition sand without lowering its original properties. Special processes are used to remove impurities and restore usable qualities to previously used sand. It's an ideal solution for foundries wishing to minimize their carbon footprint by opting for high-quality reconditioned sand to meet production needs. While there has been an increased interest in reclaimed sand recently, it's a process we embraced long before it became a trend.

We're Prepared to Meet Your Reclaimed Sand Needs

At Kore Mart, we already recycle over 10,000 tons of sand every year for over 60 local foundries. You can count on us to meet your demands with high-quality reconditioned sand delivered quickly and efficiently. We have the resources required to fulfill both smaller and more extensive orders for reclaimed sand with equal efficiency and the highest level of quality possible.

Diligent and Consistent Quality Control

We have on-site testing capabilities that allow us to maintain a high level of quality with our products, including our reconditioned sand. What we'll deliver to you is sand that's like new and ready to be safely used in your various applications and processes.

Save Time and Money with Sand Reclamation

If you don't have the equipment necessary to do your own reclamation, take advantage of our resources. We'll process, prepare, and recondition the sand you need. We make every effort to keep our sand reclamation services as affordable as possible, which is more good news for your bottom line.

To qualify, simply purchase our sand and binder. Kore Mart saves local foundries approximately $500,000 every year in landfill fees with our sand reclamation services -- that's more than $6 million and counting since our inception. Contact us today to learn more about our sand reclamation options.