Resin Coated Sand

Considered one of the best foundry sands for trucks, cars, and hydraulic parts, resin coated sand can be an even more reliable product and a smart investment when you make Kore Mart your preferred supplier. We manufacture Kure Rite Resin Coated Sand, an exclusive blend of additives, sands, and resins devoid of casting defects that can be further customized to your individual needs and specifications.

Custom Blending Makes a Big Difference

Having the right resin coated sand for your foundry can make a big difference in the quality of your products. Trained technicians at Kore Mart will use your specific requests to prepare the right blend of sands, resins, and additives in our state-of-the-art sand testing lab. It's in this on-site lab where we analyze each individual material used in our blends. Our technicians can further customize your RCS by:

  • Creating RCS with any resin percentage you specify
  • Preparing any package* or quantity you prefer
  • Preparing RCS mixtures that can meet even the most demanding foundry applications

*Our RCS can be packaged in wire container, bulk truck, fiber drum, or supersack.

An Assortment of High-Quality Resins

We use an assortment of resins tailored to any foundry application. We carefully choose an equally high-quality selection of sands during the preparation process. In addition to different grades of round and sub angular sands, we use zircon sand, a special foundry sand known for its non-wettability against molten metals and its high thermal stability. Our technicians can also add RCS additives for:

  • Veining
  • Shakeout
  • Odor
  • Release

Optimize Your Unique Capabilities

Our on-site laboratory allows us to customize RCS to your operation's unique needs and capabilities. This flexibility and attention to detail often results in a faster build-up of sand, better sand flowability, higher levels of productivity, and a consistent and uniform cure.

Because of our in-house logistics capabilities, we'll be able to control the delivery of your resin coated sand with greater precision. With Kore Mart as your trusted supplier, you'll have the materials you need when you need them. Contact us today to let us know about your resin coated sand needs.