Riser Sleeves & Feeding Aids

Riser sleeves and feeding aids from Kore Mart will provide the casting quality and metal yield you deserve and need to maximize your productivity at the reasonable prices you prefer. We manufacture premium rise sleeves along with the feeding aids you'll need to improve the performance of your risers by preventing shrinkage in the casting.

Riser Sleeves

We provide several different types of insulating and exothermic riser sleeve formulations. Our top-quality risers are designed for use with all molding systems and for any type of molding machine you may be using. We offer blind risers and open risers, pour cups, and breaker cores. Kore Mart's tooling is ideal for all rise sleeve shapes in industry standard sizes. We also offer:

  • Breaker cores (in 40 and 50 percent contact)
  • Custom height on neck downs and straights
  • Custom shapes
  • Post impregnation for extreme hardness
  • Fiberglass screen placement

Feeding Aids

Keep your risers liquid longer with our feeding aids, which reduce heat loss or provide added heat for your exothermic materials. Ultimately, the right feeding aids for your risers could lead to better cost savings from high foundry yields and increased productivity. Our feeding aids include a variety of hot toppings for your insulating and exothermic risers.

Multiple Mixtures for Different Foundries and Applications

Efficiently feed your castings with our diverse selection of riser sleeves for iron, non-ferrous, and steel foundries. You'll have a choice of over ten different mixtures for your applications. These include insulating and exothermic riser sleeves and hot tops. Our formulas have low filler and high fiber which equates to better thermal properties. Shapes we produce include:

  • Straights
  • Neck downs
  • Blind risers
  • Spheres
  • Domes

Maintain your high-quality standards and production demands with riser sleeves and feeding aids from Kore Mart. With our in-house shipping, you'll save even more with our affordable performance solutions. Contact our team today to take advantage our experience and our extensive selection of sleeves and accessories.